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Botstiber Institute For Austrian-American Studies 2010-2011 Grants


Purpose of Grant

Amount of Grant

Rudolph Agstner

To print “History of Austrian Consulates in the U.S. 1820-2010”


Austrian Cultural Forum – NYC

Funding for a series of lectures and exhibits in New York City and other locations in the U.S.


Campaign Digital, Inc.

Funding for an online initiative to promote cultural exchange between artists and audiences in Austria and the U.S.


Joseph Campbell

Trip to do research on Sigmund Freud’s contribution to the book Thomas Woodrow Wilson, Twenty-Eighth President of the U.S: A Psychological Study


Vincent Kling

Research for a book on literary translation


Thomas Koenig

Research on the impact of exchanges under the Fulbright Program during the Cold War years (1950-1975) on Austrian- American cultural relations


Pablo Larios & John McCusker

To produce and print second edition of “If A then B: Notes on Translation”, a dual language journal about translation


Fatima Naqvi

For expenses related to the book, The Films of Michael Haneke


Anna Piotrowska

Research and writing about Austrian composers in Hollywood, especially the impact of early 20th Century Viennese music on the classical Hollywood score


Peter Roehsler

To produce a film about Lorenzo DaPonte, a Venetian Opera Librettist,  who lived in New York and promoted Mozart’s music in America


Gerald Sommer

Funding for a multi-stage project laying the groundwork for future research on Austrian-American author Paul Elbogen


Katja Stuckatz

Funding to complete a dissertation on Austrian poet Ernst Jandl and how he was influenced by Anglo-American modernist literature


Kia Thurman

Trip to Austria to research Austrian and German responses to African-American classical musicians who performed in those countries in the 19th and 20th centuries


University of Michigan –Dearborn

To permit Jacqueline Vansant to complete a book about how Austria is portrayed in US films set in Austria  between 1919 and the present


Ronald Patrick Vaughan

To produce a documentary film about Jewish-Austrian-American composer Eric Eric Zeisl


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