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Daniel Adofo, Ghana, '20

My name is Daniel and I was born in Accra, Ghana. What I like most about my home country is hanging around my family on Sunday evenings to joke and have fun.

As a child, my dream was to be a pilot. Growing up, I intended to be a medical doctor but will all these dreams be a reality without Professors and tutors to guide us through? With this, I developed the passion for Mathematics, which I will be majoring in, and tutoring because here in Africa, especially Ghana, People with the skills to develop the community end up misusing their skill because they lack the passion and tutoring.

I love painting because I just love colors and though I am not really good at it, I love to mix them and just sit back and laugh at what I have done. You will find me dancing to any dance beat or music around but then since childhood, soccer has been life. I hope I get into the Penn State soccer team as well.

My community motivates me to be a successful Botstiber Scholar because looking back at the young ones out there who have the passion to have a positive impact in this world but lack the resources and support keeps me going and I believe one day, the world will become a better place with our continuous effort.


Edward Idun, Ghana, ‘20

My name is Edward and I was born in Kumasi, Ghana. The one thing I love most about Ghana is the Ghanaian hospitality.

I am a curious person and I always like to know how and why things happen, I love to solve complex problems and help others that is why I want to study Physics and know the world and how it works better, so that I can help my Community.

I love to read the Bible sometimes it helps me keep focused in life and also help me make proper decision. I also love to watch and play sports, watch movies and listen to music just to keep my body fit and release stress.

The inadequate use of technology to exploit our resources is one of the major factors causing the retardation in the development of Africa that is why I want to study physics so that I can help raise the level of technology in Africa my beloved home. My aim, with help from others, is that I would bring together as many Africans as I can and show them how much our continent needs them so that we will come together and help make Africa a better place for the next generation.

I want to be a successful Botstiber Scholar because the Botsitber Foundation doesn’t just give scholars money to study but they help bring them up as leaders and socially upright people and this is what motivates me.


Emmy Muhoza, Rwanda, '20

My name is Emmy and I’m from Rwanda and I live in Kigali city, the capital city of Rwanda together with my parents and siblings. My favorite part in Rwanda is the eastern province of Rwanda as I was born there and spent most of my childhood there.

My area of study is mining engineering. Mining is the second highest income earner in Rwanda, yet there are very few local experts in the mining sector. I want to help strengthen Rwanda’s local labor force in the mining sector by sharing the knowledge I have in the mining sector with other Rwandans through trainings and academic study of the mines. I want to stand in a leadership role in Rwanda, and be pro-active in fostering Rwanda’s sustainable economic and social development.

I enjoy playing and watching soccer. What I enjoy most about soccer is the way it brings people together, and develops a deep sense of team work among the players. Playing soccer also rejuvenates me especially when I feel tired or stressed. I also do swimming for sports purposes.

The greatest reason that motivates me to be a successful Botstiber Scholar is the need to give back. I fully acknowledge and appreciate the opportunity of attaining a world class education at Penn state, thus, I want to work hard so that after graduation at Penn state, I will be able to participate in community service and volunteer programs so that I may be able to give back not only to my community but also to anyone who needs help.


Caleb Musekiwa, Zimbabwe, '20

My name is Caleb Musekiwa and from Zimbabwe. My favorite part about Zimbabwe is the people. They are hardworking, zealous and always have hope of a better future.

I want to study Chemical Engineering and specialize in Energy production. I’ve always had interest in engineering from an early age and given the current situation in Zimbabwe where energy provision is limited this has fueled my passion. Energy remains a vital component not only in Zimbabwe but in Africa as a whole. I seek to augment this sector in instigating better energy provisional methods. In addition to my zeal in bettering the energy situation in Zimbabwe I also want to establish an educational organization. It will be focusing on providing career guidance, mentorship as well as sponsoring under privileged children to achieve their goals. This is something I have realized is lacking in the upbringing of most Zimbabweans.

I love playing the piano at church, it gives me a sense of fulfillment in serving God. I also enjoy playing badminton, it's a great form of exercise for me. I occasionally watch movies just to relax the mind and ease off pressure. I also a have keen interest in current affairs and thanks to modern technology being up to date is now much easier.

As a student I have experienced a lot of hurdles to reach where I am today. I am personally motivated by the determination I have to achieve my goals and in turn help others to do the same. I personally feel like I owe other bright students in my country who did not have the same opportunities as I did and also to uphold the trust and loyalty others have invested in me including the Botstiber Foundation.


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