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Daniel Adofo, Ghana, '20

I am majoring in Energy Business and Finance (EBF), with a minor in Mathematics. With a degree in this, I will be able to connect with other Botstiber scholars and other alumni, especially ones interested in supporting developing countries such as Ghana. Also, an EBF major will help me achieve my dreams by solving a well-rounded problem of energy crises both on the field and its business activities not only in Ghana but also surrounding countries. Aside all this, I will be able to support other upcoming students who get into the Botstiber scholarship in any way possible I can.

At Penn State, I joined the African Student Association (ASA). Aside my Botstiber colleagues, ASA became my first means of connecting with other students. It feels so good to know other people from your country and who have the same language in common. This made me feel at home.

In 2017, I joined the spring break alternative group which took a trip to North Carolina to engage in a couple of community service projects like working on a farm and working with the homeless. This has been something I always wanted to be a part of and finally getting the opportunity brought out the best in me. Currently I am looking forward to being one of the site leaders during any other trip.

I joined the Penn State Positive Energy group. This group consists of students in the Earth and Mineral Department where we have weekly meetings to discuss and debate energy issues around the globe. This work is in-line with my career field so I am excited to be involved.


Edward Idun, Ghana, ‘20

I have a dream, a dream that one day my people will be tech geniuses. The world is changing and computers are drivers of this change. The more you know your computers, the better there is a chance for you to affect the change. I want a better future for my people that is why I chose to be a computer engineer. I want to build a company one day, a company that will be focused on training people to become tech geniuses. Something like “UDACITY” but with a different motive. I have been working on how to cure poverty since I got here, and if there is one thing that I learned, it is train the people and you will cure poverty. I want to create a website that can help point people to all the resources that are out there. A website that will not just train them but lead and guide them through their careers.

It is an honor for me to be part of this program and everyday feels better than the day before as a Botstiber Scholar. First of all, I want to say a big thanks to the Penn State staff, they are always working hard to put together programs that make us better than we were before. Especially the Volunteering program we had at North Carolina. We did not just get the chance to drive through the country, but the whole program itself was an eye-opening experience and I will never forget.

I am grateful to be part of this program, and I thank everyone who contributed their resources to make this program a reality, and I will do everything that I can to make the most out of this program.


Emmy Muhoza, Rwanda, '20

My course study is Mining Engineering. Mining engineering is a field that is growing rapidly in Rwanda yet Rwanda lacks enough local experts in the field. I want to help strengthen Rwanda’s mining sector by sharing the skills and experience that I will get from Penn State University with the rest of the labor force in this field. I will aim to turn my knowledge into real life applicable skills that will transform Rwanda’s mining sector from the traditional mining techniques to industrialized mining techniques. I hope to build on Rwanda’s progress and contribute to Rwanda’s sustainable economic and social development for Rwandans and future generations.

My most memorable moment as a Botstiber Scholar so far, was the service trip we did in North Carolina over spring break 2017. During this service trip, we worked with Vigilant Hope to tackle issues of food insecurity and homelessness. I worked on an urban farm to help grow the food that will be donated to the homeless and the people with hunger issues. I also worked on a food bank, and attended forums on homelessness where I learned about what homelessness is and what we can do to tackle issues of homelessness and food insecurity in our respective communities.

After the service trip in North Carolina, I felt like I had a better understanding of what people on the streets are going through, which makes me feel like I am in a better position to help them than I was before this trip.My name is Emmy and I’m from Rwanda and I live in Kigali city, the capital city of Rwanda together with my parents and siblings. My favorite part in Rwanda is the eastern province of Rwanda as I was born there and spent most of my childhood there.


Caleb Musekiwa, Zimbabwe, '20

I'm intending to graduate in Chemical Engineering with a focus in pharmacy. This is going to help me improve the health sector in my country which currently lacks professionals in the field.

Going to Wilmington, North Carolina was my most memorable experience as a Botstiber Scholar. It was a service trip focused on helping the homeless in the area. I got the chance to work in direct contact with them and make friends as well. I also worked on an urban garden which supports the local food bank and I helped out at the food bank to distribute food.

At Penn State, I'm involved with extracurricular activities that have helped me develop my interpersonal and social skills. I have met people from different backgrounds with diverse perspectives which has helped me broaden my scope of viewing certain issues. I have developed my leadership skills through leadership seminars and doing community service. I have developed to become a better global citizen and learned to appreciate different cultures and ethics. I hope to continue growing throughout my stay here at Penn State.


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