Botstiber Foundation: 2024 Delaware Valley Science Fair Scholarships

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The Botstiber Foundation contributed to the Delaware Valley Science Fairs, which this year awarded three students with scholarship awards in the amount of $8333 each, totaling $25,000. The winning recipients were:

John Akladus, Methacton High School, Physics category; Advancing Aircraft Efficiency via Drag Coefficient Analysis

Cooper Gray, Bangor Area High School, Physics category; Efficiency Optimization of a Pulsed DC Magnetohydrodynamic Drive 

Brian Liu, Central High School, Engineering category; Fusion of Plastics and their Mechanical Properties in 3D Printing

Delaware Valley Science Fairs, Inc. (DVSF) is a forum for middle and high school students to display scientific research and engineering projects that they have completed. The purpose of the Fairs is to connect these hard working and inventive young minds with professionals in their fields. During the fair the competitors will be interviewed and have their research evaluated. The primary goals are that the students will gain some insight into new directions for their research, learn new ways of thinking, and, in some cases, be connected with people who could help bring a potential product to market. All of this takes the form of a competition with winners receiving recognition, scholarships, and monetary prizes, as well as a chance to compete in the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair.

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