Botstiber Scholars Program: Design Thinking Workshop


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On March 22, 2019, the Botstiber Scholar Juniors participated in a workshop on design thinking run by Lee Erickson at Happy Valley Launchbox. Design thinking is used to develop new products and think more creatively about a problem, in order to perhaps initiate an entrepreneurial venture. During the workshop, the four scholars were asked to work as a team to solve a complex problem with the design of the umbrella.

First, they identified the problem and then considered what the root of the problem was from the viewpoint of those dealing with it most closely. Next, they defined what was needed to solve the problem in an ideal world. Based on the ideal solution, they took part in ideation and explored innovative solutions. To complete the design thinking sprint, they then agreed upon the best solution, and created a prototype to test it. This training focused on communication and teamwork skills, while also elaborating on the process involved in entrepreneurial thinking.