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BIAAS: Learn About the 2020 BIAAS Grantees

September 1, 2020

Congratulations to our 2020 award recipients. View our Database of Funded Research to learn more about the scholars/organizations and their projects which highlight the historic relationship between the United States and Austria. Projects and events funded include: archival research, articles, books, conferences/symposia, digital projects, documentary films, exhibits, lectures, and workshops. These projects expand the breadth […]

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BIAAS: Blog by Katherine Baber (BIAAS Grantee)

August 25, 2020

BIAAS Austro-Americana Blog Series BIAAS Voices: How in a moment my whole fate has changed! Katherine Baber, the Alice Mozley Director of the Salzburg Program of the University of Redlands, contemplates the current predicament for the Salzburg Festival, the only international festival to proceed during the pandemic in a “live” format this summer—after extensive study, […]

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BIAAS: Blog by Farid Hafez (BIAAS Grantee)

August 18, 2020

BIAAS Austro-Americana Blog Series BIAAS Voices: Black Lives Matter – In Austria Too Farid Hafez, a Vienna-based political scientist at Salzburg University, Department of Political Science and Sociology, examines the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement in Austria. Excerpt: The murder of Afro-American George Floyd at the hands of a police officer elicited a […]

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BIAAS: Blogs by Historian Allison Schmidt

July 28, 2020

BIAAS Austro-Americana Blog Series Historian Allison Schmidt explores the early stages of the migration journey for many Austro-Hungarian emigrants who chose travelling through Saxony as their route to the Americas (ca. 1880-1924). Read about why these emigrants chose this northern route and the interesting complications—some of them gendered—they encountered in two posts. Emigration Routes – […]

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BIAAS: Podcast – The Crisis Specialist: Clemens von Pirquet

July 14, 2020

Podcast about Clemens von Pirquet with Dr. Michael Burri Clemens von Pirquet, an Austrian pediatrician and scientist, held a prominent role in the international post-WWI humanitarian relief efforts during Austria’s hunger crisis. Pirquet directed his unique, scientific-based system of nutrition (no cocoa here, please) with the support of the American Relief Administration. As a result […]

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BIAAS: Blog by Jacqueline Vansant (BIAAS Grantee)

June 30, 2020

BIAAS Austro-Americana Blog Series Former BIAAS Grantee Jacqueline Vansant features a letter from the Rundbrief, an extraordinary correspondence of Jewish-Austrian classmates that began as a promise in 1938. Written by Hans Kautsky, the letter provides a glimpse into Vansant’s current projects: an edition of the correspondence, and a collective biography of the class, who were 15 […]

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