Flavia Kung’u


My name is Flavia Wanja Kung’u, and I come from a small town called Nyeri located in Aberdare Region of Kenya. What I like about Nyeri and Kenya in general is the people and the energy that surrounds them. When someone in my country gets an idea, there’s usually no stopping them. I am proud to be part of Kenya’s innovative bunch. I speak Swahili, English and conversational Kikuyu.

I plan to study Electrical Engineering at Penn State because I am partial to the vigor and challenge the course offers. Electrical Engineering also covers another base I am passionate about – providing solutions to everyday challenges. I like knowing how people work, how machines work, what connects one terminal to the next. Electrical Engineering is a means to understand how electronics, power and even more components work, and to find out how to use that knowledge to solve challenges in Kenya.

During my free time, you’ll find my nose in a book or working on a sketch. For me, reading is fun because it helps me learn and dream, while sketching is a means of expressing my thoughts. After completing my degree, I plan to return to my home country. I am really big on self-reliance, so I want to work on and launch projects that will make Kenya a sustainable tech hub upon my return.

Many people have helped me get to where I am, and I can help many more realize their potential as well. These are the two reasons that motivate me to be successful as a Botstiber Scholar. Honestly, I’d say it’s too much to put into words – The Botstiber Foundation is basically a group of individuals who are helping me succeed by paying for my tuition and giving me time to pursue my interests.